ABC 123 Makeover Child Seat

This is a piece I picked up at the Goodwill store. It was the first time I had gone into one, can you believe that? Well, when I first walked in I saw clothes, but wayyyy in the back I saw a lamp. So I ran to the back and WOW, I was so surprised! I filled my arms up quickly with goodies, so I had to grab a cart. 

I'm not sure if this was part of a desk, or someone made it for their desk or counter. At the time I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but after looking at it once I got it home, I knew. 


The little peg legs were added, and a little kiddle seat it became. Isn't it a darling!


Is it time-out, or time to read? 


I have a feeling this cutie will sell quickly. 



Pet Bed Charm

This is one of my pet bed creations. Isn't it lovely?! I make these for my dog groomers salon. 

Take an old end table, turn it upside down and bling! 


With the cute silver feet, some added bling of crystals and more silver paint, it looks fabulous!

I love the white fluffy pillow and paw print. 

I also make the padded beds from fleece that can be easily removed and washed.  

This is Chewbacca "Chew-Bear" and Lucy Belle, checking it out!

I'm thrilled with the results!  



Old Trunk turned Beach House Trunk

This wooden chest was found at this yard sale. I hit the jackpot. This was one of those 'just happened to pass by on the way to another yard sale', yard sales. The hubster actually saw this one, he's trained :) He's a trooper, just packs everything I want into the Ford. LOOK at these beauties!


This was one of my favorite projects. 

I know I have individual photos of this particular chest, but this is what your getting. You know the outcome is what we all really want to see, right? Sooo...looky-looky! 


Pretty sweet, right!?! I L-O-V-E the completion of this chest! It didn't take long. For some reason, I had this vision as I went along, and it developed into this beauty. A wonderful beauty. 


I cleaned this baby up, added some pretty painted legs, and the anchor stencil as a beach themed storage trunk. This baby sold within 24 hours of being in the store!  Happy dance!! 

 The pretty legs.

The pretty legs.


I left the inside in its natural state, with just a hint of coastal swag 😉   I hated to part with this trunk. I did keep one, I'll share that in another post. Still have another to dress coastal and sell! I'm thinking starfish....


Pretty isn't she? 

2015-09-06 20.11.37.jpg

English Yellow End Tables

Look at these beauties! Mersman end tables. I found these at Restore.

It's part of Habitat for Humanity.

I love shopping where my purchases go toward helping others. Everyone benefits. 

 Old time end tables. Anyone remember these beauties? Your grandmother or aunt had to have had them. 😉 I remember my mom having them. 

Old time end tables. Anyone remember these beauties? Your grandmother or aunt had to have had them. 😉 I remember my mom having them. 

I originally thought they would work great as Lego tables for my nephews. But one of my nieces said she'd like them to replace her current TV end tables. She wins.  

I gave my niece and nephew some paint samples and they chose Annie Sloan English Yellow. They wanted to brighten up their living area that has dark green sofa/love seat and hardwood flooring. I think it is a fabulous choice and couldn't wait to see them in their home. 

It it did take me some time to get these started. I've had them for quite a few months, promising them to completion, one too many times. When I didn't get them finished when promised by Christmas, I knew I had to get them done. 

 This is two coats of the English Yellow. Definitely needs two more. 😉 

This is two coats of the English Yellow. Definitely needs two more. 😉 

I would have put a primer on first, had I known they were going to take five coats.

Lesson learned. 

The finished product! I'm so happy with the results. The more I watched them cure, the more I wanted to keep them for myself. If I can figure out where to put them, I'll be on the lookout for another similar set. Aren't they beauties??

2016-01-24 12.38.42.jpg

I did just enough distressing. With two boys bumping and playing, they don't have to worry about scratches or anything. They will stay as beautiful as they day they received them!

2016-01-24 12.38.14.jpg

I am really loving the English Yellow - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I have some great pieces that would look great in this color. Can't wait to share the next project!

Hauling the Goods

I really go crazy when I'm in the Habitat for Humanity, Restore. I find so many great things to repurpose.

Take a look at this haul from the weekend! 

I have lots of ideas running through my head for all these pieces.

I love seeing them with excitement and thinking of how I can repurpose it all.

 See my little Lucy Belle? She's my photo bomber. 

See my little Lucy Belle? She's my photo bomber. 

I love these wooden flatware cases, I've been looking for more and really did well with this trip.

I've made them into jewelry boxes in the past.

I love, love, LOVE this bowl! How awesome is this? When I saw this, I actually yelped out loud. I didn't care if anyone heard me. Imagine it in a thick old white, distressed.  It's just plain and simple and I just love it.

I can picture it on the table with shells and starfish!

So Sunday, I went to a flea market at the local Fire Station and found TWO MORE FLATWARE CASES!

Jackpot! It was my lucky weekend!

I can't wait to see what becomes of these pieces, and share them with you!

Wooden End Table Redo

This table has a story. Well, a paint story, I don't know it's true past. It's a great sturdy table. 

Any who, I thought I'd be painting this with yellow legs and a pretty gray top.  

 Who doesn't remember these chunky tables! Aren't they lovely?

Who doesn't remember these chunky tables! Aren't they lovely?

This was a great find at Restore - Habitat for Humanity. 


I ended up with CoCo on top, another Annie Sloan fave. The legs are yellow here, 3 coats weren't enough. I was tired of painting those awesome legs, so I put a coat of gel stain on (General Finishes, Antique Walnut), and then wiped it off. It didn't look good to me. I'm so picky.  

I wish I had a dozen photos to share, but I get so into what I'm doing, I forget those in between and sometimes important before and after shots. Like the one with the stain as I was wiping it off. Picture it in your mind. Please :)

 My girl Lucy is always checking things out.  

My girl Lucy is always checking things out.  

Here is the finished product. Looks great! You should see it in person, it's lovely.


So I actually didn't like the Coco, and so the hubster sanded it lightly for me, to help me out with timing. (He's always helpful in my DIY'ing.) It turned out very nice with the sanding and natural grains coming through with a hint of the Coco. I sanded the yellow legs, to help with the overly stained legs. They look really great as well. 

This piece would look great in a beach house setting, or in a family room anywhere. 

*Update* this table sold in 24 hours :-)

Introducing My Shops!

Today I'm sharing my 'shops'. I've been working hard to fill up the inventory as much as I can, and as fast as I can. Here is the 'booth' at Stainton's Gallery of Shops in Ocean City, NJ. Most items in this photo have sold, and I've replaced them with other wonderful items. 

All the creations are my original. I usually don't have more than one of each piece. Other than the 'anything frames', they hold photos, jewelry or postcards. And the tag frames I make, for the beach tag collector.


The photo above is the Mechanicsville PA shop. I love the black and yellow desk! It is a unique desk, slim and masculine. Perfect for a small room as well. 

The Stone House is more antique collections. They have some awesome things in this store.

Even for the contemporary person. 

 Princess bed  - this was repurposed from an antique doll crib. 

Princess bed  - this was repurposed from an antique doll crib. 

These pet beds are available at Dog Daze Salon in Doylestown, PA. I love a cute snuggly bed for the fur-babes. 

 Pet Hotel - made from an old night stand/side table. Removed the door and there you have it!  

Pet Hotel - made from an old night stand/side table. Removed the door and there you have it!  

These are so fun to make. I have many more pet bed ideas!  

 Good Dog Crate - Made from a crate and quite handsome for the macho pet! 

Good Dog Crate - Made from a crate and quite handsome for the macho pet! 

So there you have it, my three booth-shops. I love what I do. I couldn't be happier to know how much I make others happy, as they decorate their home with my pieces. If you find yourself in the area of either store, check out my items. 

Pottery Barn Bench Makeover

I've had this bench for a few months now, so I decided it was time to give it a pretty new purpose! I'm sure it was loved when it was shiny and new, but it was definitely crying out for some TLC. When I picked it up, I was told it's past life was at the foot of a teenagers bed. Now, it's waiting for a home to settle into. 

Sorry for the odd photo, I couldn't find the others I have. You can see the entire thing, even though it is up on it's end. This baby is 4' 6" in length, and I was storing it on a third floor at the shore house, (poor hubster). Isn't she beautiful?

Bench Before

I thought the bench deserved a pretty and bright new beginning!

So I chose Louis Blue from my favorite chalk paint creator, Annie Sloan

2015-12-12 10.08.30.jpg


With a little bit of distressing and a nice stencil, the bench has a pretty new purpose. 

That gave it just the right touch, but not too much. 

I love how this pretty new bench turned out.

It's at Stone House, waiting for a purpose in your home :)


Yard Sale Haul!

Yard Sales have become my constant for Saturday mornings at the shore. You can find the best older and fun pieces in that area. Pieces that look great with my shabby beach chic makeovers. I love painting furniture. Mixing my own colors, and putting my personal touch on pieces that people admire. I mean, I'm thrilled people like my pieces enough to put them in their homes! How cool is that!?!

One house I went to was a mother-lode! We were headed to another yard sale when the hubster noticed a sign to this house. I have him trained already, he's a great 'hunter' with me.

I have already 'shabbied' some of these pieces and they have already sold in the store. I'll be sharing those pieces in other posts.

My hubster even picked up some weights (no pun intended here), at this house.

He wanted another set for the shore house. What luck. 

Check out these old ice skates! Not sure what to do with these yet, any ideas you can offer? 

Look at this awesome chest (above)!! It was made in the 1800's. The maker even had a note inside with his, his wife and children's date of births. The young man we bought this from said the gentleman built his grandmothers house and also built her this chest. Take a look inside and at the note. Too awesome not to share. This piece is so beautiful, I'm not sure if I will do anything to it, or even sell it. I think I'll look at it for a while before making any decisions. 

There are two other chests also! Told you. Mother. Lode.

An old slicer and a beautiful long, skinny shutter. I use this in my store to hang jewelry on.

I can't wait to share all my shabby beach chic transformations with you! 

Enjoy your day!


Effie Girl Goes Coastal!

I've been busy getting my DIY groove on lately, and I'm having a blast. So much fun that Effiie Girl is dabbling in retail. I've gone Coastal!

I am lucky enough to spend most of my summers near the ocean, and this has inspired me to make my own shore house decor. Friends and family have said I should open my own store, and so I did just that. It's a small shop of my own, in a gallery of shops in Ocean City, NJ. It's a cute little set up. I'm so excited! 

Here is a glimpse of my booth!

Some recent items I've created. Sorry, most of the pictures are not staged. 

I'm proud to say, many of these items have already sold! I'll post more before - after photos as I go. 

                                       BEFORE                                                                                             AFTER

If you ever happen to be in Ocean City, NJ, check out my little shop, "

Effie Girl, it's a shore thing". It's all happening at Staintons Gallery of Shops. I'm starting small, and creating big!