Effie Girl Goes Coastal!

I've been busy getting my DIY groove on lately, and I'm having a blast. So much fun that Effiie Girl is dabbling in retail. I've gone Coastal!

I am lucky enough to spend most of my summers near the ocean, and this has inspired me to make my own shore house decor. Friends and family have said I should open my own store, and so I did just that. It's a small shop of my own, in a gallery of shops in Ocean City, NJ. It's a cute little set up. I'm so excited! 

Here is a glimpse of my booth!

Some recent items I've created. Sorry, most of the pictures are not staged. 

I'm proud to say, many of these items have already sold! I'll post more before - after photos as I go. 

                                       BEFORE                                                                                             AFTER

If you ever happen to be in Ocean City, NJ, check out my little shop, "

Effie Girl, it's a shore thing". It's all happening at Staintons Gallery of Shops. I'm starting small, and creating big!