Yard Sale Haul!

Yard Sales have become my constant for Saturday mornings at the shore. You can find the best older and fun pieces in that area. Pieces that look great with my shabby beach chic makeovers. I love painting furniture. Mixing my own colors, and putting my personal touch on pieces that people admire. I mean, I'm thrilled people like my pieces enough to put them in their homes! How cool is that!?!

One house I went to was a mother-lode! We were headed to another yard sale when the hubster noticed a sign to this house. I have him trained already, he's a great 'hunter' with me.

I have already 'shabbied' some of these pieces and they have already sold in the store. I'll be sharing those pieces in other posts.

My hubster even picked up some weights (no pun intended here), at this house.

He wanted another set for the shore house. What luck. 

Check out these old ice skates! Not sure what to do with these yet, any ideas you can offer? 

Look at this awesome chest (above)!! It was made in the 1800's. The maker even had a note inside with his, his wife and children's date of births. The young man we bought this from said the gentleman built his grandmothers house and also built her this chest. Take a look inside and at the note. Too awesome not to share. This piece is so beautiful, I'm not sure if I will do anything to it, or even sell it. I think I'll look at it for a while before making any decisions. 

There are two other chests also! Told you. Mother. Lode.

An old slicer and a beautiful long, skinny shutter. I use this in my store to hang jewelry on.

I can't wait to share all my shabby beach chic transformations with you! 

Enjoy your day!