Hauling the Goods

I really go crazy when I'm in the Habitat for Humanity, Restore. I find so many great things to repurpose.

Take a look at this haul from the weekend! 

I have lots of ideas running through my head for all these pieces.

I love seeing them with excitement and thinking of how I can repurpose it all.

 See my little Lucy Belle? She's my photo bomber. 

See my little Lucy Belle? She's my photo bomber. 

I love these wooden flatware cases, I've been looking for more and really did well with this trip.

I've made them into jewelry boxes in the past.

I love, love, LOVE this bowl! How awesome is this? When I saw this, I actually yelped out loud. I didn't care if anyone heard me. Imagine it in a thick old white, distressed.  It's just plain and simple and I just love it.

I can picture it on the table with shells and starfish!

So Sunday, I went to a flea market at the local Fire Station and found TWO MORE FLATWARE CASES!

Jackpot! It was my lucky weekend!

I can't wait to see what becomes of these pieces, and share them with you!